May God be your shelter through all of lif'e's storms

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Thank you for your interest in our Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms.  Before completing the order inquiry from below, please take a few minutes to read our warranty information:

Storm Shelter and Safe Room Warranty Details

When filling out the top portion of this form be as specific as possible. If any road is known by more than one name give both names. (CR 2940 or Cemetry Rd). Exact directions are required by Okie Dig and help our drivers tremendously.
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Word Verification:
  • It is the homeowner’s responsibility to get a permit from the city if it is required.
  •  If we have to haul dirt off from a job it is an additional $100.00/load and the homeowner must have a local place to dump.
  •  If rock is hit while installing and the installer cannot get through it with the backhoe additional fees will be assessed for the rental of equipment and additional work involved. The auger that is used to anchor a safe room will not go through rock. If rock is hit while trying to anchor a safe room it is the homeowner’s responsibility to get the anchors buried.
  • We must have a minimum of 10’ in width and 13’ in height to get on your property. Once on location we need approximately 20’ in width and height to get the items off the truck. We deliver using a boom truck. The truck weights approximately 50,000 pounds loaded. If we cross septic lines, sprinkler systems, concrete driveways, curbs, sidewalks, etc. the weight of the truck could damage them. If we have to cross another property for the installation the homeowner of such property must sign a Waiver of Liability. When measuring your property please keep in mind the following: eave of your house, trees, tree limbs, power lines, air conditioning units, swimming pools, toys, storage buildings, etc.


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