Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Save Lives in Oklahoma Tornadoes

The two devastating EF5 tornadoes that have cause so much loss of life across Oklahoma this last month have proved that Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms do save lives.

More and more stories are unfolding about how families lives were saved by taking shelter in their tornado safe rooms/shelters.

If you did not have a room reinforced  when your property was built, do not worry you still have options for protecting yourself and your loved ones:

In-ground Storm Shelters

Above Ground Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms

Steel Safe Rooms

All of these can be quickly installed to protect your loved ones from these dangerous Oklahoma Storms and Tornadoes.  Call us now for more info: 1-866-753-4668

Impressive Results for Storm Shelter Door During Testing

Below is a video from Texas Tech’s Wind Science and Engineering Research Center.  It shows Area Septic’s storm shelter doors passing the FEMA debris tests by surviving debris fired at it at 100mph.

It’s not the most exciting video, but it sure is reassuring to know you would be protected during Oklahoma’s tornado season in one these storm shelters:

New Slope Front Storm Shelter Install

New Slope Front Storm Shelter Install in OklahomaThis is a new install in Oklahoma of a slope fronted storm shelter.

It looks really sharp with the black powder coated door.  The color finishes available on the brick and the metal work make this shelter very flexible for any setting.

Tornado Season is here, are you ready?

Tornado Storn Shelters Oklahoma